Table-Top Unit

Our TABLE-TOP UNIT is designed for use in school classrooms, primarily elementary school classrooms.  They help teach kids HOW to grow food, WHERE food comes from, and WHY fresh organic food is important to our health and well-being. Our table-top unit can grow up to 6 plants at one time, in a totally sealed environment.  This prevents the LED lights from reaching the children's eyes. When the unit is opened, only white light is used.

Why This is Important

How many kids today have NO IDEA where food comes from? Many seem to think it comes from the local grocery store. By having kids plant seeds and watch plants grow - they can learn a key fact about food.  And when they take the food home to mom & dad, they'll be smiling from ear-to-ear with pride at their accomplishment.  

This knowledge could come in handy at a later point in their life when they need to feed their family. It can never hurt to know more about nature and the wonders it can offer!