Commercial Unit

Our COMMERCIAL UNIT is designed to fit in a warehouse or shipping container in a commercial environment. It's designed to grow up to 54 plants at one time in a small 5' x 2.5' footprint. We have received provisional patent approval on this unit, which is currently in the prototype state.  

Key Advantages of our Commercial Unit.

If you look at the designs of many other containerized farm units, they are very impressive.  Some are 'rack' based - meaning that you slide out the racks of plants to work on the crops. Others are tray based, requiring the user to tend to the crops while standing on a ladder or leaning WAY back into the rack.

With our unique "Ferris Wheel" design, you don't go to the plants: the plants come to YOU!  By turning the dial, you can rotate the trays to the ideal working level - say, seated in a chair in the aisle.  You simply stop the rotatation, work on the plants, and when you're ready for the next tray, just turn the dial again!

This is ideal for seniors or limited-mobility workers, because it REDUCES THE AMOUNT OF STRAIN on the body.  Now, ANYONE can be a greenhouse worker, even if they're 102 years old!