Home Unit

Our HOME UNIT is designed to fit in a small space in your kitchen, family room or garage. The footprint is just 3' x 3', and the height in 7', with two inside tiers to grow up to 24 plants at one time. 

Grow Your Own Food - Easily!

How much do you spend on organic vegetables and herbs per week?  If you are picky about the food your family eats, chances are your bills at the grocery are quite steep!  With our system, you can easily grow your own lettuce, kale, collard greens, micro-greens, plus an unlimited array of herbs. Are you a "juicer"? If so, you will LOVE the freshness of cutting & juicing your own plants.  A store-bought green could have been cut as long as 2 to 3 weeks ago, compared to 1 MINUTE with our home unit.  The taste difference - and nutritional improvement - is SPECTACULAR!


The difference between our system and many of the other home-grow products is that ours operates largely on auto-pilot.  Set it up, set the timer, fill the nutrient tank - and away it goes!  Just a few minutes of maintenance per week will keep you up to your ears in fresh, organic greens and herbs - and keep your family budget in the 'green' as well!