Simply put, no.  GoGreen Organics (GGO) is strictly in the business of manufacturing growing units. We work closely with a non-profit organization, World Hunger Team, that DOES focus exclusively on growing crops.  Plus, there are thousands of websites with information to help you select the right crops, manage your plants, prepare the food you harvest, etc.

No.  We do not promote the growing of marijuana in any of our units, as this is illegal in more than 30 U.S. states at this time.  Also, our units are designed to grow plants with a maximum height of 21", whereas the growing of marijuana plants requires 4' or more in open vertical space.  While we cannot prevent any customer from growing whatever crops they would like, our units are purposely suited for the exclusive purpose of growing greens, small vegetables and food-related herbs.

Our units are excellent for growing a wide range of plants:

Leafy plants such as lettuce, spinach, kale, collard greens, mustard greens, Chinese greens, watercress and more. 

Culinary herbs such as basil, rosemary, mint, lemon verbena, French tarragon, Italian flat-leafed parsley, baby dill, sage, oregano and thyme, to name a few. 

Small bush plants such as cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans, etc.

We are constantly testing new seeds, particularly hybrid seeds from established commercial hydroponic farms, and heirloom seeds that are often very rare and have not been grown commercially for many decades.


The only requirement for placing our units is that they be located indoors, i.e. in a space that is temperature controlled and is protected from the outside elements.

Our school unit is designed for educational purposes only. It facilitates the growing of up to 6 plants, and is designed for use in K-12 classrooms as a way to teach children how food is grown. Our advantages over other classroom growing units are:

- Light is sealed inside the container; LED light is prevented from reaching the children's eyes (a concern of some vision care professionals.)
- Up to 6 plants can be grown, up to 18" in height.  Crops such as basil, lettuces and other herbs / leafy plants can be grown in sufficient quantities that students can take samples home every two weeks.
- Unit is totally self-container; there is no reliance on sunlight to produce crops. Students can reliably grow food year-round.

Our home unit is designed for maximum output in a minimal space. Up to 12 plants can be grown at a time, providing fresh leafy vegetables and herbs for 'juicing' or consumption all year round.

Our commercial units feature a unique "Ferris Wheel" design, with up to 54 plants growing simultaneously in a small 5' x 2-1/2" x 7' high location.  Units can be operated in a spare room, a basement, even a closet - as long as electricity is available and the space is climate controlled.  They can also be placed in re-purposed shipping containers in locations where no available space currently exists.